How to use the Im-/Export Feature


The im-/export feature allows you to transfer your trainingsdata from one device to another.

This guide describes the feature.

Export Training Data 

First you have to export all data.

Go to preferences and press Export Training Data.





So your data has been exported to SD-Card. E.g. runningdiary/export/RunningDiary_Export_20160116_114047.xml

Import Training Data 

If you want to import your training data to a new device you have to do the following steps:

  • copy the complete folder „runningdiary“ from your SD-card to the new device
  • install Running Diary on the new device (Link to Google Market)
  • import all training data



After confirmation the filemanager of your device will be opened. If you have no filemanager installed please check the market. In this example the ES Datei-Explorer is used.

If you have installed more than one filemanager you have to choose the application to be used.

Then navigate to runningdiary/export and choose the xml that you want to import.



The ES Datei-Explorer than want to know how the pick up the file. Choose Normal Android Way in this case.


Then Running Diary is called back and the import starts.



Thats it. Now all your trainings, equipments and preferences has been imported to the new device.

Please notice that the folders tracks and images must be copied to the new device. Otherwise the gps data and the equipment images are missing on the new device.